Philanthropic Partners

As philanthropic scouts, the network of donors at The Foundation for Religious Literacy invest in the nation’s most effective religious literacy programs. As a charitable non-profit organization, we leverage these investments by connecting the recipients of our seed grants to the nation’s leading philanthropic organizations. We are honored that the following foundations supported religious literacy projects that we seeded. We are grateful to the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations for supporting the Leadership and Multi-faith Program at Emory University and Georgia Tech as well as the Harvard Religious Literacy Project;  the Coexist Foundation for supporting the Religious Literacy Roundtable project; the Germanacos Foundation for providing matching funds to start a religious literacy specialist position at the Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute; the Henry Luce Foundation and the Once Here Foundation for supporting the Harvard Religious Literacy Project; and the Lilly Endowment for supporting the American religious history program at the Smithsonian.

Convening Partners

In the Fall 2019, the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, The Foundation for Religious Literacy, the Templeton Religion Trust, and The Issachar Fund, will be convening leading funders in religious literacy and interfaith leadership. The purpose is to identify overlapping goals, strategies, audiences, and philanthropic partnerships.

Academic Partners

The Foundation for Religious Literacy is proud to serve as a philanthropic scout and academic partner with the American Academy of Religion. Our leaders are active in the American Educational Research Association, where our managing director, Dr. Nathan C. Walker, co-chairs the Religion & Education SIG; he also serves as the associate editor of the peer-reviewed journal, “Religion & Education.” The Foundation works closely with Dr. Stephen Prothero at Boston University and Dr. Diane L. Moore at the Harvard Religious Literacy Project, as well as with leaders of the LAMP program at Emory University and Georgia Tech. We are also pleased to be a member of the Religion and Education Consortium.  

Managerial Partners

Headquartered at Berkshire Global Advisors, the Foundation for Religious Literacy is managed by 1791 Delegates, a consortium of constitutional and human rights specialists named after the year the Bill of Rights was ratified. Legal counsel is provided by Casner & Edwards and accounting services by Johnsen & Manzella, CPA, LLP. The Foundation’s assetts are managed by the Barone Group, Merrill Lynch.